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"A Jonbar Point is any point of divergence between two very different outcomes..."

What is a Jonbar Point?

The term Jonbar Point comes from a Science Fiction novel called The Legion of Time written by Jack Williamson in 1938. It is a point of divergence between two very different outcomes.

In The Legion of Time, the main protagonist Denny Lanning meets a woman from the future. It is revealed to him that his actions will determine the future of the Earth. Specifically his actions will affect the life of a person named John Barr.

In one version of the future John Barr becomes an important scientist whose discovery will change the world. In another, he dies penniless, and the discovery is made by less ethical individuals.

Jonbar is a utopian city of one possible future. In a darker version is the city of Gyronchi. Lanning is manipulated by people of both futures to try and ensure that only their version of the future will exist.

Jonbar Point became the name of my final year project at university. I produced an interactive CD-ROM that presented users with a vision of Earth 1000 years in the future, and gave them an opportunity to change it for the better!

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